Not only Horses

Jack Russell Terrier is not a widely known breed in Poland, although, in Western Europe they are the basis of a lot of stables. It doesn’t mean it is their only place of living, they just love space, they are very active and optimistic towards everything and everybody that surround them. Being active does not mean violent temperament, on the contrary, they are disciplined and obedient. They like travelling by car even in long distance, especially under owner’s legs, they are not big so they are “easy to pack”.

In case when an owner is driving a car, a dog should be placed under passenger’s legs.

They behave properly at home since they do not destroy slippers or important documents and they get used to staying at home alone without any problems, however, they are not enthusiastic then. There are not any requirements as far as food is concerned and they do not eat a lot. Nevertheless, they quickly make friends with the people having a meal at the table which tallies with a theory that “… a dog is the best friend of a man at the table”. Of course this is a joke since everything depends on strong will of a person at the table.

Other information about Jack Russell Terrier can be easily found in a book concerning breeds of dogs.

We have bred the dogs since 2002. We sell puppies from three mothers. So far anyone has complained about our dogs. The people, who have or had dogs previously, are very often positively surprised by their charm, character and beauty.

Jack Russell is a perfect dog for a person with each* style of life.

*It does not concern workaholics.