Dressage is one of the most important equestrian disciplines – not only because of the elegance and grace which is performed, but also it is the most indispensable foundation of each equestrian discipline (among them jumping , eventing, driving etc.). Without dressage at least on the basic level it is really difficult to achieve sports success. Moreover, practising dressage you provide yourself and a horse with both health and comfort.

We are professionals who can help you with developing your own riding abilities. At the same time we are able to raise comfort of your horse.

We offer for horse breeders and owners:

  • sports training of dressage horses
  • performing your dressage horse in sports competitions
  • preparing young horses for sport use
  • preparing horses for Polish Championships of Young Horses and training stations.

Our offer for dressage lovers is:

  • sports consultations in our or your own stable,
  • preparing horses and riders for performances in dressage competitions.

We recommend competitors of other than dressage riding disciplines:

  • dressage training (for both horses and riders) which is particularly devoted to the chosen riding discipline,
  • dressage riding lessons concerning the most needed exercises in the particular riding sport.

You are warmly welcome.
Natalia Kozłowska

Natalia Kozłowska & Emol, 2nd place in HPP2012.

HPP 2012 – Inter.I










Championships of Warsaw and Mazowsze Region AROMER 2008
1st place in the Seniors Round


National Indoor Competitions AROMER 2008
1st place in the Intermediate Dressage Test


After the competitions…


Monika Bojanowska on a gelding called Ren during a training devoted to correcting her seat. September 2008.


Małgorzta Piszcz on a gelding called Szrek at the dressage training. July 2008.


Magdalena Sadownik on an Arabian gelding called Hamit while preparing to a dressage competition at the Autumn Arabian Horse Show. She achieved the second place. August 2008.