ABC of driving

Carriage driving is not easy art – it is widely known by the people who have tried driving at least once.

Similarly to riding a horse, it is fine if you get to know a wise manner of treating a horse while driving because it is easier to learn carriage driving correctly than later correcting mistakes.

Safety is of the major significance for beginners during driving lessons.


You will find answers to the question (and not only) here.

My offer is a weekly basic course of carriage driving concerning:

  • a right choice of a driving horse
  • introducing a horse to driving training
  • teaching of lungeing
  • teaching basics of carriage driving (single and pair).

The weekly course of driving for advanced drivers concerns:

  • improving the skills mentioned above
  • preparing for examinations of Polish Equestrian Federation in driving
  • preparing drivers for sport competitions
  • improving or correcting driving skills
  • teaching basis of 4-in-hand driving.

Driving consultation for the advanced organised on the site of our or your own farm.

The weekly courses are conducted once a month in groups of 2 – 4 people.

Participants of the courses have got available:

  • from 6 to 10 driving horses
  • high quality carriages and harnesses
  • movies about training of driving horses with the best drivers of the world.

Practical parts of the courses are recorded and analysed while theoretic lessons – the video provides a basis for class discussion.

It is possible to bring your horse or horses to our farm ( regardless of the level of training) and to organise individual driving lessons.

A participant of the courses has to be adult ( 18-year-old man). If a person is not an adult it is possible to participate in a course but she/he has to come with an adult person.

The information about dates and payments of the courses is available on the phone.

Contact details are available in CONTACT bookmark.

All participants have to be insured – it is possible to do that in Jagodne as well.

Bed & Breakfast is available on the farm.

You are welcome.
Ireneusz Kozłowski

In view of the fact that, unfortunately, not everyone adheres to the principles: “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, training dates from December 2010 to March 2011 remain to be agreed individually.

Number of training days and exact date will depend on weather conditions and the availability of time of any person interested.

PS: We also invite you in the period of time between Christmas and New Year

I conduct the driving courses for both drivers and horses in Ukraine from the beginning of 2007. This is a part of Europe with beautiful driving traditions, which were effectively destroyed throughout tens of years, similarly to other symbols of the national identity.

Orlov trotters, although mainly selected for efficient trot, can gallop fairly well of which I could convince myself while training.


Week-long courses sometimes are finished with a driving show for the audience which is the most attractive and effective way of promoting this unknown equestrian discipline.


We would like to encourage everyone to visit a magical place which is Jagodne.

We took part in a driving competition from 6th to 11th August 2008.

The professional attitude of Ireneusz Kozłowski, who was the organiser of the competition, kindled a passion in us to the great sport.

We took part in the course as volunteers with horses from PEGASUS foundation (further information about the foundation on )

Classes were conducted in a friendly atmosphere with understanding for our mistakes. We were practising with very well trained horses of the host as well as we had access to professional equipment. Jagodne has a full range of infrastructure which provide with comfortable and pleasant rest after practical classes.

Theory always goes with practical classes. Ireneusz Kozłowski watches over our progress telling us great stories about driving and giving us useful tips. Everyone can find something for him/her, whether they are people who have already tried driving or completely novices. It is also possible to try the art of riding a horse with a professional trainer Natalia Kozłowska.

Jagodne was created with lots of love to horses and it is worth seeing by all enthusiasts of the animals.

Piotr Dudziński
Wojciech Kulczyński


I and my horse Drahma were taking part in the driving course conducted by Ireneusz Kozłowski. I am really glad of results that we achieved. I didn’t think in such a short time I could get to know so many things, develop driving skills as well as make significant progress in my horse’s training.

Time that you spend in Jagodne is fulfilled from the morning to evening with diverse interesting activities. I could spend great time and learn a lot about driving in picturesque surroundings and friendly atmosphere.

I want to encourage everyone who is interested in raising driving qualifications to visit Jagodne and use the great knowledge of Ireneusz Kozłowski.

Daniel Kolasa & Drahma